How did AWR 8 address the quality issues of this soda plant?

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A major drinks producer facing barcode reading problems with products leaving the packing line found a solution by selecting the inkanto AWR®8 Wax ribbon.

The challenge

At its 4 production sites in the USA, this premier manufacturer prints 10,000 labels daily to identify and trace the bottles of concentrated syrup used to produce soda.

During the logistics process the boxes of bottles bash into one another on the conveyor belts, exposing the printed labels to a stern test.

The solution

Faced with the lack of print resistance offered by another Thermal Transfer wax ribbon on the market, this producer selected the inkanto AWR®8, which offers greater print durability than the other ribbons within its category, plus the ability to print at high speed.

AWR®8 delivers high print quality across a wide range of printer settings and on all types of paper. So it was easy to deploy this new ribbon across the whole range of this producer’s ZEBRA Pax printers while retaining the programmed print settings and the RAFLATAC label already in use.

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