Chemical Label

The labelling of chemical drums and containers requires identification and traceability data be resistant to chemicals, heat, abrasion, heavy weather conditions and comply with international standards and regulations.

  • Printing resistant to solvents
  • Red and black inks compatible with GHS/BS5609
  • Print fineness suitable for barcodes and symbols

Labeling chemical products

Hazardous labels attached to chemical containers warn those coming into contact with them what harm it can potentially cause to people and the environment throughout its transportation journey and when the product is ustalized. This is why barcodes, product composition, product traceability data, and hazard symbols must be resistant to external attack.

This is especially important due to GHS and BS5609 regulations that require information to remain legible from manufacturing to shipping to end-users.

  • GHS stands for Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals – a United Nations regulation to communicate hazard information and protective measures on labels.

Under the GHS standard, labels must include several components, so they are universally recognized. For example, a GHS label must contain detailed information on the nature of the product, hazard symbols, hazard statements, precautionary advice, and the supplier’s details.

The mandatory printing of the symbols in red and black influences the choice of print technology.

  • BS5609 is an internationally recognized standard for assessing the durability of printed labels for products transported by sea. Using both a label and ink certified to BS5609 can guarantee adhesive performance, print durability, and abrasion resistance.

Products rubbing together, dripping solvent, and demanding storage environments can expose the ink to significant duress. Heat, cold, humidity, solvents, UV exposure: not all inks offer adequate resistance.

Why using thermal transfer technology for this application ?

By adopting a print process using Thermal Transfer, chemical manufacturers retain the flexibility required due to the various label formats used and the variety of obligatory messages and symbols for each product. With the wide range of ribbon choice and label materials, it is easy to find the pefect match in terms of printing requirements and regulatory compliance.

For this application, we recommend the following products:

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